Committee Meeting for January, 2008


Boy Scout Troop 100 Troop Committee Meeting
January 2, 2008
Michele Bond, John Cates, Val Comer, Steve Comer, Kip Gregory, Lisa Hoke, Steve Kunk, John Le Mon, Mike McCarthy, Art Silverman, Amy Wooden
Meeting called to order at 7:35 pm.
Treasurer's Report
No report this month (Don Francis is traveling).
Scoutmaster's Report
Troop Web Site. John expressed a preference that we refrain from publishing financial information on the Troop Web site (e.g proceeds from the Pancake Breakfast, Christmas Tree Sale, and other events). Discussion followed and a motion was made and passed to institute a policy of excluding any financial or personal information (Scout names, addresses, phone numbers, email) from content that is published online including meeting minutes. A printed copy of all minutes will be archived and available in the Scout room.
Thank You. John read a thank you from Kip Gregory to the Troop Parents' Committee for the sympathy card sent on the death of his father.
Holiday Party. The December party was a fun experience for all. Gifts this year were great and more Scout-oriented than in the recent past. The Troop gave each Scout a Nalgene water bottle and a portable Purel hand sanitizer kit with belt clip.
Overnights. No outings since the last committee meeting. Marsh's Farm overnight is scheduled for January 19 – 20. PLC weekend is the next event after Marsh's Farm.
Tonight's MOL by Scott Hoke is on layering. Scott's suggesting bringing silk or polypro long johns on the Marsh Farm trip. Cotton doesn't wick moisture away or insulate when damp/wet.
Ranger Surplus (stores in Rockville and Bethesda) carries good camping stuff but no longer offers a Scout discount. Casual Adventure in Arlington is another option and still does offer Scouts a discount. John's also found that REI seems to have items in stock more regularly than HTO. (Amy Wooden offered that Ranger Surplus will send you occasional discount coupons if you sign up for their mailing list.)
Pancake Breakfast. Top sellers for the breakfast were (in order) Andrew Kunk, Josh Noel, Jourdan Wooden, and John Giordano, all of whom sold at least $200 in tickets. Seamus Kirkpatrick and Mitchell Wooden also sold significant amounts.
Philmont 2009. John needs checks for $50 for each boy who plans to attend within the next two weeks. Dates are July 7– 19 (three days after the return from Goshen) plus travel and some additional camping elsewhere. The most recent Philmont trip lasted a total of 31 days. Maximum crew size is 12 (minimum of 7) including 2 adults. Trip is open to any Scout 14 or older (or 13 1/2 years old and at the end of eighth grade) who has achieved the rank of First Class. Some Troop alumni are interested in going.
Discussion occurred around whether it would be possible for those in the Troop who will not meet the age requirement to join the trip after Philmont. John's initial reaction was no, but he indicated he would think further about it.
Other Business
Christmas Tree Sale. Amy Wooden shared statistics and charts of results from this year's event. Saturday was a much stronger selling day by far than Sunday. Results indicated next year we should order more table top trees, and fewer extra large trees. Net profit on the 2007 sale was $847, compared with $1700 – 2200 in past years. (Lisa Hoke observed that the real profit is in the last batch of trees sold/not sold and we had a bunch left over.)
Experienced problems with the supplier: he balked at picking up the remaining 27 trees (out of 110 paid for) as promised (eventually acquiesed after pressure from Amy) and took them back at $15 each, not the 50% of our purchase price previously agreed to. She will be looking at another grower/supplier in West Virginia for next season.
Steve Kunk related a conversation with Bob Whalen regarding Troop 666's experience, which uses the same supplier we did. They were also disappointed. Bob suggested doing a combined effort between 666 and 100, along with Troop 1946 – as they did this year. 1946 gets their trees direct from a grower in Michigan. Steve shared that he and Bob discussed selling trees at our separate locations on the first day, and then combine them on the second day. Also perhaps extend the sale time (with the help of troop parents to staff during the week). Amy will talk to Troop 666 about that.
Troop 666 would have given us $2000 guaranteed if we had combined with them and provided boys to staff the event for a portion of the selling days.
Discussion followed on ways Troop 100 might improve the financial results of next year's sale. Ideas included:
  • Accepting pre-orders. Send out an order at the end of November. Started an email list
  • Offering a $5 discount coupon
  • Providing (and advertising) free delivery within a certain radius
  • Creating an online form at the web site for people to order/reorder
  • Include an ad for the tree sale in Council Fire
  • Promoting fresh trees (WV grower will cut trees in the last two days before delivery)
Bob gave Steve sample email flyers that Troop 666 families can use to contact friends and family.
Amy also suggested that next year Troop 100 families wait until the end of the sale to buy their trees, which would leave more inventory for would be buyers vs. selection appearing picked over towards the end.
Council Fire. Lisa Hoke is preparing a new advertiser solicitation letter which she will email to everyone. Objective is for each Troop family to provide at least two names of potential advertisers that can be solicited. (List of potential advertisers is now 50 – 60 names; at one time was 150+). Lisa will also email the advertising contract to each family. Think about family dentist, dry cleaner, gardener, etc.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.